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September Presentation Night: Introductory Data Structures

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Introductory Data Structures! sponsored by NetProspex (

Are you new to Python? Or say you got into Python sort of sideways and suspect that there are multiple ways -- potentially more efficient ways -- to solve your programming challenges. If that sounds familiar, then this is the presentation night for you! Python's "batteries included" philosophy means there are a number of built-in tools at your disposal. These three talks will cover some very handy data types and help you start choosing and using the right tools for your tasks.

Langdon White: Lists, Stacks and Queues

Brett Smith: How to Pick the Right Data Structure

Ned Jackson Lovely: Maps, Sets and Graphs

Food is sponsored by NetProspex ( Drinks afterwards sponsored by InsightSquared ( at their offices.

One Memorial Drive, Suite 100 · Cambridge, MA
4 spots left