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Hi, everyone!

It's time for our monthly meeting. This month we're happy to have talks from Steve Solomon, Senior Engineer at Pivotal Labs and BRG co-organizer Kevin Deisz, CTO of CultureHQ.

Steve Solomon
The DRY Principle Is Misunderstood
You have probably heard of the DRY Principle, but what you don’t know is that it has nothing to do with duplicate code. Join Steven Solomon as he teaches you to re-think the DRY Principle, how to identify incorrectly “DRY” code, and how to refactor your code so that it is easy to change again.

Kevin Deisz
Pre-evaluation in Ruby
Ruby is difficult to optimize due to its flexibility. Pre-evaluation is a technique based on user-defined contracts where users opt in to optimizations by limiting use of Ruby features, allowing further compiler work. In this talk we look at how pre-evaluation works, and what benefits it enables.


* 6:00pm - Eat, mingle.
* 6:20pm - Talks begin.

Thanks to ezCater ( for sponsoring food and space for this Meetup!

Sean, Melissa, Colin, Kevin, Peter, and Robert