CultureHouse Clocktower


With the significant interest in the open game night on January 11th, CultureHouse has offered to let us host a second game night already on January 25th! This second event is also open to all, even if you have little or no past experience with the game and just want to try it out. Bring your friends and come help hunt the Demon that killed your favorite Storyteller!

If you don't know anything about Blood on the Clocktower, it is a new social deduction, hidden identity game from Australia. Its premise is similar to the game "Mafia" that you may have played in school, but with everything turned up to 11. It's a fun social experience for up to 20 people, with a game time of 1-2 hours depending on the number of players. For the more game-aware among you, the game follows in the same vein as Werewolf and Resistance: the good team tries to smoke out the evil team, while the evil team is making life hard for good. Clocktower is a fun new take on the genre where dead players continue participating in the game, everyone has a special ability, and the game is run by a Storyteller who ensures that the game is interesting and balanced. There are plenty more details, as well as videos of gameplay over at

CultureHouse, the generous group that lets us use their space, runs pop-up community spaces around Cambridge that are entirely free to use for community events. They serve free tea and coffee (donations are welcome!), and allow both outside food and drink (though no alcohol) for those so inclined. We will be at their Kendall location, which is located at 500 Kendall St, Cambridge, MA[masked]