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For our meetup this month, we will be combining our efforts with the Social Media Cookout ( hosted by Ryan Park (our social guru within Arrae). There will be a couple of great speakers coming in to talk about social analytics, ethical hacking, and the power of choice. It'll be a great event overall, and of course, us mongo peeps will gravitate towards each other and talk tech too.

So why are we combining efforts with a social group? Well for starters, it helps drive conversation. Anyone in the tech space can geek out together regardless of their language or approach. The other reason is this event also ties in to a future hack-a-thon that we will be kicking off near the end of the summer. The hack-a-thon will revolve around building an analytics platform from web and social sites. I encourage everyone to think about the advantages and challenges in using MongoDB for real-time tracking and engage with the social gurus at the event to determine what data would be the most valuable to capture from various networks. Be sure to jot some notes down in the process, because next month we will be putting our brains together to start building out a schema for the data we will store, and in following months we'll do some actual data mining and server implementations to see it in action.

As aforementioned, in coming months we will be doing more formal lessons and presentations as we build out a platform together. We will be setting up some average scratch servers in our offices that we can go through the process of building and using as nodes for our MongoDB application. We have about 5 or 6 servers we can play with that have minimal stats (dual core, 30G scsi drives) but we still need network supplies or drives if anyone has spare parts lying around. A small rack, cat5 cables, power cords, monitors, / keyboard / KVM, etc. If you have some equipment you'd like to donate to the group, please bring it this Thursday or to our next meetup.

With all that said, I'm really excited to see you all on Thursday. I know you'll enjoy this event if you can make it, and based on the feedback in the past, I think our future analytics project will be a lot of fun!