Knotted Mala Workshop


Note that this class is blocked out for three hours in order to make sure everyone can finish or nearly finish. Note also that beads are not included in the class price. We suggest that class attendees come a little early to choose beads if not bringing their own. Our example uses 6mm rounds; 8mm will work but makes a very long finished mala.

Learn to knot snugly and accurately between beads using Griffin beading thread and knotting tweezers. This project calls for a lot of patience, but no other technique flows like a knotted piece - and the knots will prevent loss of multiple beads should the thread give way under wear. Our mala will be very simply finished, using a single bead to pass through and small knots or a medallion.

If you'd like to bring three or more people, please give Nomad a call at[masked] and we will see if there is space!

This class does not include the beads in the class price - students will need to bring their own or purchase beads at Nomad.

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