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The beginner's track will start at 6:00pm. The topic will be "Digging deep into enumerables". We'll go over some of the lesser implemented, but useful methods and tear apart some of the common methods to see how they work.

At 7:15, we will start presentations.

Our first presenter will be Ben Lewis from Quickleft. He will be presenting the following:

Thinking Through Paths at the Drawing Board

When building software iteratively, there comes a point in the story writing process where a team must consider all the edge cases of a feature. What do we expect to happen when all goes as planned? What about when a user supplies bad data? Can we consider malicious attacks? What about when chaos makes the whole system unstable?

In this talk, we'll consider the way that each of these cases might affect the job of different stakeholders in a product, including the developer, product owner, and QA technician. We'll also think about how the perspective that each of these roles provides can help teams build better software.

Our second presenter will be Ben Eddy from Foraker Labs presenting


Value objects express “‘what’ something is rather than ‘who’ or ‘which’ it is.” In other words, values lack identity. For example, the number 42 or the color red - all instances of 42 are conceptually equal to all other instances of 42, and likewise, red is always red. Two red bikes, however, have distinct identities.

We’ll explore how extracting value objects can simplify the challenge of bringing the real-world to bear as software. Then, we’ll touch on some strategies for integrating value objects with everyone’s favorite ORM, ActiveRecord.