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Suite 115 - Recurly Offices

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Join us at our monthly gathering where we present topics of interest to Rubyists and aspiring programmers.

Doors open at 5:30pm, where you can hangout and socialize with other Boulder Ruby members. We have food and beverages available to add to the enjoyment.

At 6:30, we do announcements before getting to our presentations.

Layer 7 by Sam Phippen from Google

Description: Have you ever wondered exactly what happens when you send a request to your Rails server? In this talk, you'll learn about exactly that. We'll cover the OSI 7 layer model for networking, which covers everything from the cables that connect our computers to the transfer of memes that we see on twitter. You'll learn about RJ45, IP, TCP, TLS, HTTP and more acronyms to boot, in a way that will give you a deep intuition for how the network that powers everything we do on our computers works!

Bio: Sam Phippen is a Developer Advocate at Google. He comes to the table with enthusiasm, and a great deal of love for the Ruby community. He fights for the forces of justice as a Leader Maintainer of RSpec. He's sad that he can't hug every cat.


Better Service Objects With Dry-Transaction by Paul Sadauskas from Textus

Description: Service objects are an important tool in your Rails toolbox, and dry-transaction is one of the most powerful, and one of the most complicated. It's a "business transaction" DSL, and has error handling as a primary concern. This talk will give a background of how to use it, how to integrate it with your Rails application, and advanced usage with some custom steps.

Bio: Paul is Lead Software Architect at TextUs, and has been a Ruby & Rails developer for 15 years. You may remember him from such startups as Kapost, GitHub, LivingSocial, Librato and Strobe. He's maintainer of a few gems, a contributor to many others, and passionate about creating software that's a joy for fellow devs to both use and contribute.


If you would like to present at this meeting, or at upcoming events, reach out to the organizers on this meetup or ping us at @boulderruby ( on Twitter.