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The Power of Failure - Laura Novak of Workforce Boulder County

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The Power of Failure - Laura Novak of Workforce Boulder County


This meeting will be online via Zoom only. See Zoom info below.

In our career journey, failure can be a powerful catalyst for growth, learning, and ultimately, success. By embracing failure as an integral part of our career journey, we can unlock new perspectives, discover hidden strengths, and cultivate resilience. Redefining failure allows us to shift our perspective from conventional notions and break free from the fear of making mistakes. Through harnessing the transformative power of failure, we can redefine our career journeys, turning challenges into opportunities and ultimately forge a path to long-term fulfillment and success.

Laura Novak has a rich and winding career story. The story includes chapters like: I Went to College & All I Got Was this Lousy Film Degree. Preschool Teachers are Real Teachers Too! Now What… Guess I’ll Go Back to School & Get a Master’s in Social Work? In her current career chapter, Laura is a workshop facilitator with Workforce Boulder County. She designs in-house curriculum and leads virtual & in-person career development workshops. A collaborator at heart, Laura seeks out workshop development projects with partnering agencies. Recent projects have included creating a Future of Work workshop alongside The Office of the Future of Work and co-leading a session for career development professionals at this year’s Colorado Career Development Association’s Fall Conference. Laura is a connector, developer, encourager, and a creative.

Those attending will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and their job search goals and target companies. Constructive feedback, resources, leads, referrals and encouragement from all attending will be encouraged.

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