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Meetup in Tilburg: You've inherited a legacy codebase, now what? - Nash van Gool

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Johnny Van de L.


We would like to welcome you for our next BrabantPHP meetup. This meetup will take place in Tilburg at Indicia.

Starting time: 18:15(with food).

You've inherited a legacy codebase... now what? - Nash van Gool
Congratulations! You're now the proud owner of someone else's legacy project. What follows is simple: all you need to do is keep your newest bundle of joy from catching fire and dying a painful (and costly!) death.
Simple, right?

Unfortunately, we all know it's not that easy in practice. Navigating an unfamiliar codebase is difficult at the best of times, but if that codebase hasn't been maintained in 10 years and wasn't brilliant to begin with, you're in for a challenge.

However, with the right approach, you can minimise the pain involved and help ensure that once you have things running, it doesn't break catastrophically, and when things do break, you have an idea what to do. And with enough time and care, you may even be able to transform your ugly duckling into a beautiful swan - or, at the very least, something you could learn to love.

As much as the exact approach depends on many different factors, all existing codebases falling into new hands have a few things in common. In this talk, I'll outline some of the general steps involved in successfully getting an existing project you know nothing about into a manageable state, and preventing disasters with the software you're now responsible for.

About the speaker:
(Web) software developer, security enthusiast, avid gamer, and surprisingly social introvert. I enjoy both building and breaking things of all sorts, though more complicated usually means more fun! I'm particularly interested in how software can go horribly wrong, both on the tech side and on the human side, and how we can prevent and/or fix these issues.

About the sponsor:
Indicia is a digital agency that can help an organization with about everything like websites, apps, online marketing, branding, video & animation. For more information, check their website

About the location:
The location is at the Indicia office near the Tilburg train station, Spoorlaan 348 in Tilburg. You can park behind the Indicia office. I f the parking lot behind the building is full, then you can park in the, paid, parking garage called Pieter Vreedeplein.

About the meetup:
• attending the meetup is free (as in free beer);
• free food (pizza) and free drinks are provided!;
• food is available between 18:15 and 18:45;
• the talks will start at 18:45;
• spoken language is English unless not necessary;
• suitable for novice to expert level;
• held at Indicia.

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