The Neuroscience of Sleep


Sleep is something all living creatures do; even plants and bacteria have a form of it. Yet when I was studying neuroscience we had essentially no clue why living things sleep. It wasn't until about 2015 that we were finally able to uncover some of sleep's mysteries.

So why do we do it? Why do some animals only need a few minutes of sleep each night (horses), while some sleep almost 24 hours (lions)? What does the brain do when sleeping that is different than when it is awake?

In addition to addressing the questions above, we will also discuss the exceptionally rare cases of people who need no sleep at all. Zero sleep, ever, for their entire lives, yet they have no ill effects.

This topic is guaranteed to keep you awake!

Each session includes Q&A and—time permitting—a short meditation. All sessions are free. I look forward to seeing you!