Brainstorm #5: Pain ​​🧠⚡

The Brainstorms Neuroscience Meetup
The Brainstorms Neuroscience Meetup
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Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience which is supposed to signal that damage has happened or is about to happen to our body. However, this alarm can go off without any particular reason (or for reasons we don't understand yet), causing debilitating conditions, such as migraine and chronic back pain, in which the overwhelming pain signals disrupts our everyday functioning.

Our academic speaker, Dr. Mira Kronschläger neuroscientist will explain the science behind pain perception and share her discovery about how pain spreads from the site of injury. Stefan Kampusch from SzeleSTIM will show how vagus nerve stimulation can alleviate acute and chronic pain with their minimally invasive, non-pharmacological treatment that they developed.