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AI and the Future of Social Networks

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AI and the Future of Social Networks


🚀 Are you ready to journey into the future of social networks now that AI has broken into the scene? Join us for an electrifying conversation with Arsham Ghahramani, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Ribbon, a new professional social platform that leverages a blockchain-based system to verify experience and recognize achievements. 🌐✨

🎙️ Let's take a moment to reminisce about the early days of Facebook, the explosion of Instagram, then Twitter and TikTok, and how they completely transformed the way we interacted online. Now, fast forward to the current social media landscape, picture AI integrating into the mix, and you'll get a feel for the imminent revolution! Don't miss this opportunity to delve into this fascinating future with Arsham Ghahramani, a true expert and insider at the cutting edge. Expect to be surprised! Register now!

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