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For January, we have two quick talks on Machine Learning, followed by a Q+A session and open discussion amongst the group.

Excited about this session? Chat with us on slack! https://goo.gl/TbJMPV
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reCAPTCHA - A Masterclass in Machine Learning Culture

Google is a poster child for business success with machine learning. We'll explore how an often overlooked anti-spam technology shines a light on the way Google product designers solve problems, the culture of using machine learning as a tool rather than a product, and how to start imitating their success even before hiring your first data scientist.

Nick Gartmann is one of the founders of RokkinCat, a software consulting company that builds products and helps companies use machine learning. He is a programmer who has been teaching himself business, product design, UX, and machine learning to fuel his addiction to starting new projects.

Solving What to Solve: UX and Machine Learning

Machine Learning is fantastic at solving unique problems in new and exciting ways -- it's an excellent opportunity to discover valuable insights into your data patterns and relationships. But what if you don't know what problems to solve? Or what if you answer a problem that doesn't really exist? UX can help align your machine learning efforts with your users, creating human-centered machine learning with results that are actionable and relevant to your user base.

Ashley Dzick is the Principal UX Consultant for SafeNet Consulting and an Adjunct Instructor for Milwaukee School of Engineering. Ashley Dzick combines her love of design accessibility with her background in both development and cognitive psychology to build immersive and usable experiences across traditional and emerging technologies. Ashley’s always up for coffee or drinks to talk to UX — whether you’re a pro or just getting started. Message her here or reach out at @ashleydzick on Twitter.