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Welcome to Brews & Tech News meetup group, hosted by Nortal! This series is an open forum for software craftsmen to discuss, learn, and debate emerging technologies in the industry and greater Seattle community.

We are creating a space where technologists in the community can learn about the latest software trends from thought leaders and connect with fellow enthusiasts over a nice cold brew.

Nortal, formerly Dev9, is a global software development consultancy that focuses on complex challenges, with a focus on platform modernization and cloud transformation for enterprise clientele. We have a history of architecting technology stacks across different industries, such as media, retail, travel, healthcare, and telecommunications. Our passion is creating scalable and elastic software solutions for our clients.

Come join our Meetup series to connect and learn with us! Please message us with any questions about upcoming events, suggested topics, or speaking engagements. To learn more about Nortal, visit our website: https://nortal.com/us/

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