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Theta Healing® Basic Course
Do you want to know how to be the BEST you can be, AND have tools to help others? Prerequisite: None required. Includes: Book, Practitioner Manual, refreshments. Accreditation: On completion, you will be certified as a Theta Healing Basic practitioner. You can do this course for your personal development and/or become a practitioner, the choice is yours. This 3 day course will give you the skills to change and improve your life! You will gain the amazing potential within yourself as you become aware of the power of your thoughts, and how to instantly change them to create your reality. You'll learn powerful techniques that help you create what you want in life. Decide to create the life you want to live now! Pre booking for this class is vital as places are limited and fill up rapidly Quickly reveal systems of belief that can take traditional therapies years to uncover. Discover how to quickly replace limiting beliefs and feelings with positive ones. This gives you the key to manifesting what you want in life. Investment Normally £395 MEETUP PRICE £345 A non refundable deposit of £95 is required to secure your place. Bring a friend, £690 for two places, saving £100 . A non refundable deposit of £160 is required to secure two places. The balance is paid by two weeks before the course begins. MORE INFO (

Theta Healing Academy

BN2 5NA · Brighton

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    What we're about

    Why is it that everyone is talking about Theta Healing?

    Theta healing is attracting Reiki Masters, Health care workers, Intuitives, Entrepreneurs, Manifesting mentors, Coaches, EFT & NLP practitioners and people interested in having happier, healthier and rewarding lives.

    It's probably because Theta Healing covers everything. Re all of the above.

    When practiced and learned at holding a theta brainwave, amazing things can happen.

    You improve your ability to relax and destress instantly, increase connection to inspiration and meditation and that's not all.

    The student and coach both can simultaneously change subconscious belief systems that therapy can take years to discover. Theta healing can take one to 3 sessions alone to radically transform beliefs, energy, well being and connecting to universal intelligence.

    To find out more

    We are sensitives from all walks of life. People interested in their own well being and that of others.
    We manifest our own reality and consciously use the law of attrACTION and change our belief systems.

    We are a group of people who meet to share our kindness and expertiese. Your life and experiences are important.

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