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Email Marketing with MailChimp
Keeping in touch with existing customers and following up on leads are two of THE most effective ways to grow your business. In an ideal world you might do this by phone or even face to face, but in today’s hectic business environment, it is often more practical (and efficient) to reach out via email… Email marketing Tools ((such as MailChimp) are an ideal way to achieve this. This session will look at Email Marketing Strategies and features offered by Mailchimp (and other email marketing tools) to improve your business. We will discuss : What is Email Marketing How Can it help your Business What are the most popular Tools Effective Email Marketing Strategies Mailchimp Features If you have been “neglecting” your existing clients or not effectively following up on leads, then come along and learn why you should consider incorporating Email Marketing into your Marketing Plan. o0o o0o o0o o0o o0o o0o o0o o0o o0o o0o This group is designed for Brisbane based business owners to network, share experiences , learn from each other and collaborate - with the goal of improving your businesses. Our monthly meetup events cover a variety of topics relevant to managing and growing a small business. Most of these topics are suggested by members, and most of them are presented by members with a specialty in that particular area. Presentations are informal and interactive, usually with ample opportunity for Questions and Answers and often taking a "Roundtable discussion" format. It costs just $10 if you RSVP early (but goes up to $15 on the day). A typical timeline (not set in concrete) : 12:00pm -Arrive, have a drink & a chat, order meal & Eat 1:00pm - Discussions/Presentation start 2:00pm - Official finish You are of course welcome to stay on and chat/network afterwards if you wish....

Australian National Hotel

867 Stanley St, Woolloongabba · Brisbane

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The Brisbane Business Club is a group dedicated to educating and sharing experiences of small business owners, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and business related service providers.

We meet monthly to talk to share ideas and experience about growing, improving and optimising small business.

If you :

- are passionate and motivated
- take pride in your work
- are frustrated by certain aspects of your business
- want to learn how to grow and improve your business
- are interested in meeting and building relationships with other small business owners
- want to have fun and connect with other people

... then the Brisbane Business Club may be just what you need to give your business a boost...

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