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Bristech meetup events are held on the first Thursday of every month (bar August). We provide pizza and drinks after the talks to give people the opportunity to discuss what they've seen and to network with other attendees.

We invite two speakers to share their knowledge on topics from across the technical spectrum (with a bias towards software), including professional developers, company founders, academic researchers, hobbyists and creatives.

A typical Bristech audience member may tend to be tech agnostic (and certainly ‘tech curious’) since we offer such a wide variety of topics and are not focused on any particular technology or software.

We do not try and ‘theme’ our evenings per se, which allows for the interest of odd technical pairings and very often interesting connections/overlaps between the two topics. Variety is the spice of life for Bristech (as is the pizza).

Past topics have included “Kube All The Things” (March 2016) and “Robot Swarms” (November 2014).

Please note - Bristech events are squarely aimed at a technical audience and are not intended to be recruitment events. Professional recruitment agents are welcome in a personal capacity only.

Since the events are tech talks and not recruitment events, please ask permission from the organisers before making any "We're Hiring!" declarations either at an event or in the public discussion forums.

If your organisation might be interested in sponsoring the monthly events please talk to us - hello@bris.tech

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Bristol Engine Shed @ Temple Meads

// Ed Conolly - Tackling Climate Change with Kafka Climate change is one of our greatest problems. We've made substantial steps forward to increase the amount of renewable generation on our power grids but we're reaching a critical stage that determines our ability to make renewable energy truly ubiquitous. Power grids are built on the concept of equal supply and demand. In order to achieve this generation needs to be constant and demand predictable. As we move to more renewable sources we uncover substantial issues with the consistency and control with which we can generate energy. Currently this prevents us from truly 100% renewable grids. Using Kafka and IoT connected devices (wall mounted batteries, EVs, storage heaters) we're building a distributed network of power storage in customers homes that drives down the cost of power for customers and unlocks the potential for a truly carbon free power grid. In this talk I'll discuss some of the issues we face trying to create 100% renewable grids and how Kafka helps our various systems process huge amounts of telemetry data from our connected devices, the grid and other systems to make decisions about when to charge, discharge or do nothing to thousands of connected assets. This talk covers Kafka concepts but focuses on climate change and how breakthroughs in technology can help us solve meaningful problems. // About Ed Group CTO @ OVO. Organiser of AngularConnect. Extreme programming advocate. Distributed systems and open source enthusiast. Trying to help make the world better with tech. // David Barton - Solving the Travelling Salesman Problem with a Neo4j Graph “As a Bath Christmas Market shopper, I would like to visit the chalets from where I want to buy gifts as efficiently as possible, so that I can get home before Christmas starts.” This requirement can be framed as something similar to the Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP). After some introduction to Neo4j the talk will look at how we can solve problem using a Neo4j graph. // About David David has been working in software for around 25 years, in companies ranging from startups to large corporates. His expertise includes software development, database design, system integration and functional architecture. As well as working on his own software, he offers freelance, contract and consultancy services.


Bristol Engine Shed @ Temple Meads

// Sash Rigby - Break in, files out Sash will discuss the trade-craft employed by the Modux red team to breach client organisation’s security through real attack scenarios against physical infrastructure, which demonstrate successful end-to-end infiltration of corporate buildings and their networks. Sash will share stories from projects which demonstrate ways in which companies are targeted through alternative techniques. // About Sash As Technical Director of Modux, Sash leads the organisation to deliver boutique cyber security consultancy into FTSE100 telecoms, finance and UK Government organisations. // Alan Furlong - 7 Lessons From Science That Will Improve Team Collaboration What if there were some universal truths about how to develop a great team? What if those universal truths could be replicated in any team AND what if we had rock solid proof that these truths really do work? Today, because of science and psychology, we can answer those ‘what if’ questions with confidence. This fascinating, engaging and humorous talk will share the seven most important insights we’ve gleaned in the last 15 years from social psychology, informatics, neuroscience and positive psychology into what makes a team truly thrive and why so many teams struggle with low engagement and motivation. So, if you lead a team, or if you’re a team member wondering how you could make things better for everyone, this talk is for you. Our time together will be focused on practical, actionable tactics, rather than scientific chest beating. You will walk away with at least two simple interventions that are proven to significantly impact you, or your team in a short space of time. They will improve collaboration, morale, quality of productivity and more. Intrigued? See you at the talk. // About Alan Alan Furlong (MBA, BA Hons, Cert Pos Psych) is the co-founder of Sherpa People Systems, a company that is focused on executing ‘people science’ interventions to improve all human aspects of Agile Leadership, Agile Teams and Agile culture. He has been a HR, Training, Sales and Marketing professional, Entrepreneur and Training Company founder. He has worked in Europe, Asia and Australia.

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