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// Tom Richards - Domain & Event Driven Development in Financial Services

Reflection on the challenges faced by designing data structures within Financial Services, and how taking a domain/event driven approach can mitigate many of these challenges - whilst providing a bunch of new ones too!

// About Tom

Tom Richards looks after Redington’s Bristol office and development team. Tom has a passion for optimizing application development, focussing not just on technology but on the process and people that make it happen. Away from work, when he’s not chasing after his two sons, or cycling through the Mendips, Tom loves smashing shuttlecocks at unfortunate victims playing badminton!

// Sam Williams - Consensus Algos

Today I will talk about something that is provably impossible, making computers agree on stuff. Then I’ll go over some ways of doing it anyway. I’m fascinated by consensus (making computers agree). I think it can dramatically simplify systems, is often over looked, covered in FUD and in need of some attention. Let’s give it some!

// About Sam

Sam is the Chief Engineer at BJSS Bristol where he works with their awesome teams across a bunch of clients. He’s spent a fair while working in Financial Services, rebuilding a tier 1 global investment banks trading platform, then in a leadership capacity building out a digital delivery department from scratch. There was also a gaming start-up, building a distributed gaming platform and a bunch of digital agencies.