Bristol SEO Meetup - Link Building & On-Page SEO


Join us for the 15th Bristol SEO Meetup!!


Doors open at 6
Food served at 6:15pm
First talk: 6:45pm
Second talk: 7:15pm
Break: 7:45pm
Third talk: 8pm
8:30pm: To the pub for drinks


Talk: Link Building For Ecommerce Brands: How To Identify Your Linkable Assets & Find Qualified Prospects

Okay, so you want to rank your product pages for purchase intent keywords. Where on earth do you start?

In this talk, I'll take you through the early stages of outreach campaign planning for ecommerce brands. Together, we'll zoom in on the importance of identifying your linkable assets -- because they're rarely your product pages -- and how to do this, followed by my go-to prospecting tactics that will build the foundations of your outreach campaigns and help your product pages rank.

Laura Slingo - Campaign Manager, Seeker (


Talk: One year post-Medic update: How to rank in Google for health, nutrition and fitness content

After Bert, Google's "Medic" algorithm is the biggest change to hit search results in the past two years. In my talk, I'll give you an overview of health care according to Google, their E-A-T approach to grading content, and the bigger picture of Google's acquisition of health data and wearable tech.

You'll gain actionable tips to use on health sites, as well as other considerations around designing healthcare services (like accessibility tips).

Jenny Hearn - SEO Analyst, Torchbox (

Jenny works with organisations in the nonprofit, public and charity sectors on their SEO strategy, in all areas of SEO from content and on-page to technical SEO.