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BROOKLYN Smutty Book Club - The 12 Hunks of Herculeia

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BROOKLYN Smutty Book Club - The 12 Hunks of Herculeia


Thank you to everyone that came to March's Brooklyn Smutty Book Club. Highlights include Melissa disliking characters just because they live in Florida and learning what we would all do for a Pot of Gold.

The book for April is recommended by Jenny (she might have taken a victory video of the vote), The 12 Hunks of Herculeia by C. Rochelle. Jenny says this is about a female Hercules and the 12 trials are all sexy in nature. It starts in NYC and has a RomCom angle.

Here's what the publisher says:
. I thought I was living the dream—until the fateful day I found my boyfriend in bed with my boss. As a professional copywriter, it was the tired cliche that hurt me the most.
. What’s a big city girl to do but pack my bags and go solo on that Grecian cruise I’d booked with my ex. Who needs a man when you have tropical breezes, stunning vistas, and free cocktails with frilly umbrellas?
. But thanks to a freak storm, I find myself washed ashore on a mysterious Greek Isle inhabited by 12 hotties determined to help me in any way they can.
. What in the rom-com setup is this?
. Somehow, I’ve ended up inside a famous Greek myth, tasked with conquering the very men I find myself unable to resist—despite their fur, fangs, tentacles, extra appendages, and extremely large…secrets of their own.
. Danger lurks around every crumbling ancient ruin, but the longer I stay, the more I wonder if I want to return to my old life at all.
. Here, I get to be the heroine of my own story, and it might just be time to rewrite history.

. Herculeia is a monstrously mythic, medium-dark rom-com loosely based on the 12 Labors of Hercules, with many ridiculous liberties taken. And before my fellow history nerds get their togas in a bunch, I am aware that Hercules is the Roman spelling (it gets addressed in the book, trust.) For those wondering how weird this is gonna get in the sheets: Think monster shifters, who maintain fancy accessories in human form.
. Includes MM (loads of it!)
. Multiple POV
. This book is meant for readers 18 and over.
. Possible triggers: Sweary dialogue, Naughty irreverent humor, Graphic sex, including kink and various edgeplay, Gore and violence, Trauma related to past death in the family, a bad breakup, and a magical shipwreck, Signature weirdness and medium-dark elements
. In general, please do not read if you own pearls to clutch, or if you regularly ask to speak to the manager, as you and I will probably not get along.

Happy reading! Please note: Paddy's of Park Slope serves plenty of drinks, but does not serve food. They welcome people to bring in food, or order in. See you in April at Brooklyn Smutty Book Club.

Brooklyn Smutty Book Club
Brooklyn Smutty Book Club
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