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Sunday Sessions at Freddy’s (Medium Speed)

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Sunday Sessions at Freddy’s (Medium Speed)


The medium speed jam is back! Let’s pick up the pace!

** Freddy’s opens at 12, so we will start playing at 12:15. Grab a drink, order tots, get settled!

This monthly session will be a bit “more” all around. We’ll play a bit faster, explore more complex tunes, and share new ones. That said, there’s always room to slow down or revisit a tune for extra “stickage.” Just ask!

We’ll play some tunes from our master list and post a partial set list ahead of time so folks have a chance to preview tunes. Challenge yourself! Everyone is welcome to lead a tune and/or set the tempo on a tune request.

Check out our master list here:

Please be sure to support our fantastic hosts at Freddy's, where we get a private space, by purchasing food and/or drink(s). Freddy’s opens at noon, so you can even grab some food before we start. Plus, we sound AMAZING after a couple of beers.

Meetup puts an “unpaid” flag on everyone, but please ignore it. We put out a donation basket but don’t track this by individual at all!

Please note, the temperature at Freddy's can be a bit unpredictable, so wear layers! It’s often very hot in winter and very cold in summer.

We ask that attendees donate $10, or what you can, to support our group. We'll be putting out a donation jar and this money will support our fantastic jam leaders.

If you're new to BTSJ, check out our FAQ.

If you’d like us to include a tune on the set list, please post it into the comments!

SET LIST (TBC prior to event)

Roadto Lisdoonvarna (Ador) + Blarney Pilgrim (Dmix)
Peat fire flame + Reign of Love (Em) + Nail that Catfish to a Tree (G)
The butterfly + Kid on the mountain
Spootiskerry (G) + Willafjord (D)
Reconciliation Reel
Out on the ocean + Rambling Pitchfork
Brenda Stubbert’s + Maggie’s Pancakes
Opera Reel
The Wren (Em) + A Sheep Came to Our Door Bleating (Am)
Banish Misfortune (Dmix) + Cliffs of Moher (Ador)
Put Me in a Box + Jack Broke Da Prison Door + Donald Blue + Sleep Soond Ida Morn

Brooklyn Traditional Slow Jam
Brooklyn Traditional Slow Jam
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627 5th Avenue (between 17th & 18th Streets) · Brooklyn, NY