Brunch in Cold Spring, NY, Followed by Some 25-mile of Unpaved Roads


Meet-up Location: Citgo gas station / Dunkin' Donuts on the Hutchinson River Parkway (1320 Hutchinson River Pkwy, Bronx, NY 10461). This is about 1.5 miles after the Whitestone Bridge.

Time: 8:30AM; KSU 8:45AM

Temperatures: In the upper 30s.

From here, easy ride to Silver Spoon Cafe for brunch (124 Main St, Cold Spring, NY), because they open early, have good food, and it's a cute town. The ride there will be via parkways, route 9, and/or local roads.

After brunch, we'll explore a cluster of unpaved roads extending east from Cold Spring and then south ending near Manitou, including Indian Brook and Avery roads, Old Albany Post and Old West Point roads, and ending with S. Mountain Pass.

Hoping to end early afternoon so we can be on our way home before rain starts (anyone trusts the weather report?).

1) I'm not leading this ride, Cem is. I'm only directing from behind :)
2) We haven't been on those unpaved roads before, but Google view indicates they are easy packed dirt with maybe some gravel (NB, these are roads, not trails).