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What we’re about

## Welcome all Traditional Thai and Filipino Martial Arts enthusiasts and practitioners of all levels. We are hosting a weekly Thai Krabi Krabong (Buddhai Sawan Sangha Style), Stick, Knife, and Sword... Filipino Kali, Inosanto/ Pekiti Tersia style, Lastra Arnis de Mano, Escrima.

North Tampa, Hernando, Springhill, Brooksville, Citrus, and the surrounding area!
We are starting with the fundamentals, Oracion (Stick Prayer and Moving meditation), Basic stick handling, footwork, conditioning, and drills, so we can gauge your skill level and go from there.

We'll start with learning the different ways to strike with a Kali stick of various styles and ranges, including the long stick of Thai Krabi Krabong. We have an extra stick unless you have rattan! In which case, bring your own. You will also learn practical self-defense for when you don’t have a weapon to use.

Brooksville, Springhill, North Tampa, Dade City, Ocala, Weekiiwatchee area.
We are hoping to build the program.

All ages are welcome, and families are welcome. No experience is necessary. Experts welcome!

Ajahn will supervise instruction, practice, and play; Dr. Anthony B. James (Gold Sash Buddhai Sawan and Author of the best-selling book "Krabi Krabong, The Tiger Sword of Thailand." (Teacher Bio:
We want to put together full contact sessions for Spring and need some "Bad Dogs"!
Classes will be held at the Thai Yoga Center also Brooksville—schedules to be posted with the selected location.
A $10.00 due per session will be required.
Reminder! If you have Kali/ Escrima/ Pekiti Tersia sticks, bring them!
Happy to answer any questions! Cheers, Ajahn Dr. James