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Welcome to the Brotherhood Fraternity!

A gathering and get together of most Reliable, Loyal, Intelligent, Kind, Dignified Brethren.

There is a great need to Invent or bring revolution into the world cultures and the way people behave, long back i invented my own theory that says: "Majority of the people Majority of the times at least 70% to 80% of the people are Ignorant, Foolish, Insane etc... only 20% to 30% of the people who are Brave and Kind", whether it is a Company, Home, Neighborhood, State or a Country.... when we are surrounded by those Insane People and System, no matter how much we fight, its a waste of Time and Energy, the best way is: "Find those Brave and Kind people and Live Peacefully and Happily"..... its not that difficult, one has to put that effort to find those Good people like me and stick with them.....

Note: If you are going to be Inactive or if you are a Very Busy person and know everything in life then please don't join, read the entire description "About us" thoroughly.

before joining first mail us at gautham786@gmail.com and tell us about you and fix an appointment to meet us in person at our office.

Age Limit: Above 30 years old and above only allowed.

Mission: Our mission is to learn, help others to learn, exchange ideas, knowledge, learn from other’s mistakes, to learn the art of dedication, commitment, discipline, to achieve unity, networking, share our sorrows and happiness and to have more time in life and many more good things.....

Vision: Our vision is to become Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Kind, self-sufficient in all aspects of life, to Rectify Our Attitudes and Intentions and to make it more and more Improved.

One of the precious commodity in life is "Time"! how can we allocate more time for ourselves, for our health, fitness, to think, introspect, and not to think, mediate, to spend time with our Family and Friends, to visit different parts of the world, cultures, to enjoy etc? in these busy day life many doesn't have time for these activities, when we need to focus on lot of Burdensome Work at our Professional life, Now how to achieve that? its possible and it is only possible when we change "Internally" and its a step by step process that needs Patience and Commitment to start with.... some are already equipped with that and some will try... and also one should learn to have more Long Term, Strong, Transparent, Relationships that are Loyal and Reliable! Imagine 20 Reliable and Loyal Friends sharing your Burden....

If you want Quick, Positive Results, Solve the Problems Quickly and Achieve your goals Quickly then you have to be that much Disciplined, Committed and Serious.

Important Note: We(Founders) consider Our Meetups to be out most important, So remember this is not just like any other "time pass, chatting, Chai pay chercha, masala munching, hang vang, dating..etc..etc.."

We are here to learn from each other... so pay attention, be on time, disciplined...
for More read "About us" at the following meetup too:


Rules and Eligibility Criteria:


Be Dedicated, Open, Honest, Frank, loose the negative ego and come, respect others time, don't put yourself in a situation to be removed by moderators, we remove without prior information, we don't like warning people, but you can always again join later... leave on your own if you cant handle it here, RSVP time to time, it only takes 5 minutes, if you can't spend everyday 15 mins and every week 6 hours then DON'T JOIN.

Our Definition of Dedication:

Sometimes meetings will be held in the middle of the night, hot sunny day in the month of April after noon 2pm, heavy raining and stormy day or night.... if its your family member's birthday or marriage then also you should be able to present at the meeting reserving time for it...


In this world of duplicity and chaos, we need peace of mind, happiness and fun, which we did as children, we need to be saved from our own "Negative Intentions and Attitudes", we need a family that Instructs, Criticizes and Constantly monitor us and mentor us for our well being...

What is Peace, Happiness and Fun, where and how to get it? do we get it in a Party, on a dance floor, while having fun with a beautiful girl, boozing or taking drugs..etc...?

It differs from person to person but if one tastes the "highest form" then rest looks like crap.

Here we are not trying to "generalize" everything... Few greatest happiness can be found while helping people, when someone needy gets that crucial help in time, saved from bad people or situations.. etc...

"Everyone is busy with something... Even the person who is 'idle' busy being idle... No matter how busy you are take time for yourself and for your friends... Get help and help others... Share your happiness and sorrows...".

Now a days what's lacking with everyone in brotherhood or friendship is :

1. Lack of time 2. Not ready to take constructive criticism

Other than helping one of the main component in friendship and brotherhood is "constructive criticism", and if anyone can't take it then they are unfit in our group...

This is a group where we are going to meet like minded people who is interested in Brotherhood, Close Friendship, Unity, Networking, Learning and to have fun while having Intellectual discussions...

There are many meetups with more than hundreds of people joined as members but in fact activity is very less! lets not make this as one of those... If you are serious then please mail us at gautham786@gmail.com and tell us about yourself in detail...

Please specify your "mail id and phone number for further communication and updates".

Every two months inactive members will be removed when they fail to give proper reason for not attending any meetups. remember communication is important.

This mechanism is for people "who join for the sake of joining" just because they find it interesting and not serious about meeting people.

Group's Long term view is:

Our goal is we should be able to solve any kind of problems together, and not everyone can reach to that level because it takes minimum Commitment, Dedication, Reliability, Discipline, Intelligence.. etc... to achieve that, Trust doesn't happen over a day or months... it takes time and right people... Feel at home and feel free to ask any number of questions...

"For us nothing is Impossible, every word we say by definition it's a promise and it's always reflected in our Actions".

lets make a quality group even though numbers are very less, will meet very soon…

“Truthfully, there're only a handful of people in this world who really get joy from seeing you happy. Most won't care if you’re happy, only if you're miserable like they are".

Acting on positive things is difficult and lets achieve that....


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