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Welcome, Brother. Today’s world is filled with so many confusing messages for men.

Don't be a cry baby.
Grow some balls.
Man up!

So many negative messages that we only have a vague idea of what we don’t want to be as a man, and more importantly, no idea what healthy masculinity actually looks like.

The result of this cultural “training” is that men resort to being either a macho jerk or a wimpy people-pleaser. Either way leads to disconnection from ourselves and others and contributes to distant relationships and unfulfilled life.

I suggest another path that I invite us to explore in this Meetup. Something between the extremes of the “jerk” and the “nice guy.” A path where men hold two essential cornerstones at the same time.

• The first, being a solid man, knowing what he stands for, and valiantly living a life in alignment with that purpose.

• And at the same time, a tender man, compassionate, authentic and passionate with wild abandon.

Both necessary. Both healthy. Both effective because the other one is also present and balances it.

Join us to blaze a new trail in how we show up as good men in the world.

Look through out our upcoming meetups and RSVP today. I look forward to meeting you and making a difference.

Scott Lewis, MSW, CPCC is an award-winning men’s relationship coach and certified life coach nationally recognized for mentoring men who struggle in their relationship with their spouse or partner to connect powerfully with purpose and presence. For over 20 years, Scott has coached hundreds of clients to live lives filled with passion and purpose.

What People Say:
Thank you for asking the right questions, for encouraging me to be honest with myself and showing me when I wasn't. You coach with great wisdom and insight and bring humor and love to your work. ~ B.V.

You provided me a wonderfully accepting environment that included accountability for my commitments to myself. ~ W.T.

Scott helped me clarify issues and set reachable goals; he listened carefully to the rumblings underneath our conversation and always called me back to that most powerful of questions: What do you long for? ~ B.A.

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