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Kaeshi in Miami - Weekend of Workshops at Belly2Abs!

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Hanan, the Mideastern Dance Exchange and the Arts at St. Johns present the Diaspora Women's Dance Festival 2- featuring Kaeshi Chai of Bellyqueen workshops at Belly 2 Abs

Snake Priestess 2-3 hours (March 7th 6:30-8:30pm)
Become a serpent and learn the Tribal Fusion choreography to the song Filii Neidhardi by Corvus Corax. Tribal moves you will learn include: Satellite, Maya ¾ shimmy, Tribal turn, Egyptian basic, Torso Rotation, Taksim, Arabic, Cobra circles and some unique Kaeshi creations movements including the bow and arrow turn, slinky, death dive, small, medium, large Lotus arms and more.

Tao of Veil 2-3 hours (March 8th 10am-12pm)
Explore the expansion and contraction of the universe with the veil and incorporate in primal movements that echo the inhalation and exhalation of breath and the cycle of life.
Kaeshi will begin with a short discussion about the nature of the universe and will introduce a myriad of graceful, lyrical arm patterns inspired from contemporary dance and tai chi. Then she will teach multiple innovative and dynamic veil tricks. The students start under the veil, carve out shapes with their arms and emerge out like a butterfly from a chrysalis.

Turkish Choreography 2-3 hours (March 8th 12:30-2:30pm)
9/4 The Ladies – Kaeshi will teach a challenging and engaging choreography to the song "9/4 The Ladies" by the wildly popular Brooklyn based band, Balkan Beatbox. She will explain how to listen and clap to the famous 9/8 rhythm from Eastern Europe. She will explain the difference between the Roman rhythm and the Karsilama rhythm and will teach Turkish folkloric and gypsy dance steps and gestures along with their meaning. This choreography covers many popular Turkish movements including, basic Turkish step, pelvic drops, grapevines into hops, box step, drunken sailor, heel in the mud, fist hits, and how to execute a Turkish drop. (Optional use of finger cymbals)

1 workshops $50 (in advance)
3 workshops $120 (promotion paid in advance only)
day of: $60 per workshop.