brumPHP April: Bruce Lawson / Jessica Rose

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Welcome to brumPHP April! As usual, we're downstairs at Talis, talking all things WebDev. We've got an extra special event this month, as we welcome two International Conference speakers well known in the field of Developer Relations - so, be sure not to miss out!

We've got the usual drinks and pizza, courtesy of Jump24 - all welcome!


Bruce Lawson:
How To Make Loveliness: an HTML Treasure Hunt

You’re a PHP ninja. You’re a React god. You’re a magician with Sketch. But if your code is assembling HTML to get delivered to a users’ browser, how much do you know about HTML’s semantics? Choosing the correct HTML elements rather than vomiting a "div" or belching out a "span" can greatly enhance the end users’ experience, with no fragile extra code to write and maintain. That's why HTML is an acronym of "How To Make Loveliness".

One of the co-editors of the HTML5.3 spec will take you on a magical treasure hunt around HTML, showing you marvellous gifts and hidden wonders that will also help future-proof your code, and turn you into a time-travelling Frontend Superhero, adored by millions*.
(* Actual number not guaranteed. But your users will be happy.)


Jessica Rose:
Contributing to Mozilla

If you're willing to sit through a talk about contributing to Mozilla, you're likely already passionate about some of the things Mozillans do to build a better internet, contribute to cutting edge technologies or to help teach and share knowledge. You may even have a favorite project in mind. In this talk we're going to look at a range of different volunteer and contribution opportunities across Mozilla projects that could use a little bit of TLC from you.

We'll examine how volunteer efforts power these projects, what impact your contribution could make and talk about the impact volunteer efforts make across the web and the world.