brumPHP September: Neal Brooks, PHP Anti-patterns

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Welcome to brumPHP September!

We took a break in August as our organiser sort of went and got married, but we're back with prolific PHP contributor, speaker and writer Neal Brooks on anti-patterns and refactoring!

As usual our shout-outs got to Talis for hosting us, Magic42 for our sticker-swag and especially Jump24 for kindly sponsoring our pizza and drinks. Everyone is welcome, so come along for a great talk, drinks and the chance to get a Jetbrains year license!

Getting yourself out of trouble with anti-patterns in PHP

Do you have code that you’re afraid to touch because nobody really knows what it does any more? Do you have systems which would be easier to re-write than to maintain? Are developers avoiding working on various tickets because it’ll involve working with a particularly painful part of the code?

Maybe a few developers have tried refactoring over the years but given up (or made things worse!), and certain ‘bad smells’ in the code are stunting progress.

While ‘Design Patterns’ tell us how to design code upfront to solve a common problem, ‘Anti-patterns’ tell us how to rescue a struggling PHP application before it leads to a company’s downfall.

Together we’ll explore some of the common pitfalls, find out how to recognise issues before they become serious, and we’ll see how to move a failing project back into the limelight.

By the end of this session everybody will be eager to tackle those parts of your codebase that the whole team has been steering clear of for months!

A bit about Neal:

Senior software engineer writing PHP code for by day, and physics student at The Open University by night. Contributor to, and serverless PHP enthusiast. Still trying to find the happy point between imposter syndrome and Dunning-Kruger. Not a 10x engineer.