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Minecraft Hacking w/ Python & Pi

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What's the best way to learn Python and play video games at the same time?

Raspberry Pi!

I've been having a lot of fun with my new Raspberry Pi 3, and this Meetup will be a "show-and-tell" of some of the cool things that I've been doing with it, particularly Minecrafting.

I'll cover:

• Raspberry Pi basics (various models, hardware)

• What you need to get started (NewEgg shopping list)

• Getting started (setup, tour the OS, best practices)

• Minecraft fun

Raspberry Pi comes with Minecraft: Pi Edition pre-installed, which is designed to work with various programming languages. I'll be using the Python IDLE programming environment to connect to the Minecraft API. I'll demonstrate teleportation, building large structures without a single pickax swing, creating large craters and lakes in one click, and how to leave a trail of flowers and gold in your footsteps, among other useful techniques which will inspire and automate your Minecraft worlds.

Find us in The Gallery room.

If we have time at the end, I can show some of the home network automation and emailing scripts I've been digging into.