What we're about

What is a DESIGN JAM session?

It's like a hackathon🤓but it's not for programming machines🤭- it's for design that people can use😍.

The term "JAM" comes from the music world. It's when musicians meet during an informal event to improvise without extensive preparation or predefined arrangements, to practice and learn from each other while also having incredible amounts of fun. Design is a lot like musical improvisation. During a JAM session we work together as teams trying to design solutions for real-world problems in only two days.

Who are we and why we JAM?

We are an open community of professional UX Designers, Design Thinkers, Service Designers, Customer Experience Specialists, Product Managers but also innovation and design enthusiasts from different domains and backgrounds. We strongly believe in the power of design as a tool to solve real-world problems. You can be one of us - our network is informal and open. Find out more and sign-up here: http://www.bucharestjam.ro

When do we JAM?

There are 3 main international JAM sessions within a year: the Global Service Jam, the Global GovJam and the Sustainability Jam. These are all global events and each of them is held once a year, on a predefined date. The events start simultaneously in many cities around the world and are centered around a secret theme.

We will also have a few more spontaneous local JAM events in-between, but at this point, we focus on becoming affiliated with the global events because it's much more fun that way. That is why we are not scheduling the events just yet.

What do we JAM about?

- The Global GovJam will take place on 6 and 7 June 2018

The GovJam is focused on civic innovation. We will focus on finding innovative approaches and solutions for challenges faced by the public sector. This year the GovJam will take place during two working weekdays.

- The Global Sustainability Jam usually takes place in November

The Sustainability Jam is an open event focused on sustainability and the environment. You only have 24 hours to save the world and be a hero. The Sustainability Jam will probably take place during a weekend.

- The Global Service Jam usually takes place in March

This year the Global Service Jam took place from 9 to 11 March, in more than 80 locations across six continents. You can see and read the posts from all the participating cities here: https://walls.io/i58yj

Read more about the history of the design JAM: https://www.service-design-network.org/community-knowledge/from-history-of-the-global-service-jam-to-the-rubber-chickens

Sign-up here if you want to stay in touch: www.bucharestjam.ro (http://www.bucharestjam.ro/)

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