BudapestJS 2018 April

Public group
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- 18:00-18:30: arrival and mingling
- 18:30-19:15: 1st presentation + Q&A
- Aha! Brain Store startup accelerator intro
- 19:15-19:30: short break
- 19:30-20:15: 2nd presentation + Q&A
- ... socializing and depending on the mood, we might visit a local pub


End-to-end testing with Jest & Puppeteer (Tamás Németh @ Liligo)

2017 saw the appearance of headless mode in some of the major browsers (rest in peace PhantomJS). There are also new libraries, drivers and protocols to control them, even without selenium and webdriver. One of these new options is Puppeteer, a node.js library built by the Google Chrome team for automating Chrome via the DevTools Protocol (websockets). Not only does it allow you to automate the browser but also whatever you find in devtools (tracing, js coverage, etc.) Paired with Jest, it results in a speedy and easy-to-debug end-to-end testing solution, which is what Liligo’s QA team replaced Protractor with.

Serverless in Azure (Martin Šimeček @ Microsoft)

„Give me your code and I will run it as needed.“ That’s the simpliest way of using Azure Functions, a serverless addition to Microsoft‘s cloud platform. It can do much more, though, and this talk will show you how to start with local development, use triggers and bindings, handle load spikes, deploy to the cloud and deal with with some of the Node.js specifics.