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Károly körút 9. · Budapest

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Prezi HQ. Budapest 1075, Károly Krt. 9. Look for the Prezi logo between Deák tér and Astoria.

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Dear fellow data enthusiasts,

We have found the time for the next Data Science Meetup: 28 November, 7:00pm. As we discussed earlier, the event is going to be held in English.

The schedule will be as follows:

Postal address cleaning in the Networks Project
Gábor Nyéki, CEU

CEU's Networks Project is a data-driven endeavour to understand social and economic networks better. We've got data on company locations but this data is entered by humans and they are messy. How are they messy? What did we do about them? This is what I will demonstrate.

Gabor Nyeki is an economist and Junior Pythonista at CEU's Networks Project.

Understanding the Net Promoter Score at Prezi
Gabor Valyi, Prezi

What are the benefits of combining hard data science with "soft" methods?

At Prezi, we strongly believe in listening to and learning from our customers. As a data informed company, we do not only use advanced data mining, dashboards and metrics to set targets, make development decisions and assess performance. Going beyond merely a quantitative analysis of usage data, we actually believe that there is value in using qualitative methods to gather insights that help us interpret hard numbers. As my talk will outline through the case study of customer satisfaction measurement at Prezi, the value is actually in the interplay of hard and soft: in the combination of surveys and customer interviews with usage statistic...

Gabor Valyi is a social researcher Prezi, focusing on contextual analysis of user groups and usage scenarios.

Data as a necessity: running a true data-driven business.
Wouter de Bie, Spotify

- A data driven organization: what is it?
- How to go from gut-driven to data-driven?
- How to take iterative steps to build out organization and infrastructure?
- Our goldmine: what can you do when you can process ALL the data?

Our talk will take the audience on a journey from when Spotify was just a startup until where we are to day when it comes to data. We now use data in a lot of different places at Spotify, but we didn't start out like this. We would like to present how we got there and what we think are the prerequisites and drivers were for a data-driven organization. Since we have many places where data is used, we'll present small use cases, technology and fun facts in each area.

Wouter de Bie is Team Lead Analytics and Data Infrastructure at Spotify.