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Open Talk with Geshe Ngawang Dakpa

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Seven-point Mind Training (Tib: Lo-jong Don-dun) is a classical Tibetan text written by Geshe Chekawa (12th Century, C.E.) based on an oral tradition, tracing back to the Indian Buddhist master Atisha, on how to develop bodhichitta, the special attitude of a bodhisattva. Geshe Dakpa will take the next three months (one Saturday per month) to cover this topic. All are welcome to attend.

The seven points are:
1. Explaining the preliminaries as a basis for the practice
2. The actual practice, training in the awakening mind (bodhichitta)
3. Transforming adverse circumstances into the path to enlightenment
4. The integrated practice of a single lifetime
5. The measure of having trained the mind
6. The commitments of mind training
7. The precepts of mind training

Geshe Ngawang Dakpa, resident teacher at the FPMT center in San Francisco - Tse Chen Ling - is a secret treasure. Easy to overlook because of his unassuming nature, he is so knowledgeable that other lamas refer to him and depend on him for certain areas of expertise. Don't think that he's nothing special just because he lives within driving distance.