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Hokke Senbo

The Hokke Senbo service is a Buddhist reflection service, it is also known as Buddhist repentance. This practice is discussed in the Threefold Lotus Sutra. The Dharma Practice of Universal Sage Bodhisattva is the third sutra in the threefold. It is here were the Buddha speaks about the practices of Universal Sage (Fugen Bodhisattva). The practice is of Sange (repentance) or I feel better said as reflection. During the service we reflect on our past actions and deeds and think about the suffering we have created. Through this action we grow as Bodhisattvas and learn from our past deeds. We practice this service on a regular schedule at this Temple. This service can be a little longer than a normal Sunday Service but we try to keep to 1 hour to a hour and a half. It does contain singing praise with prostrations. For beginners this service may be a little difficult at first but is beneficial to growth as a Bodhisattva. Everyone is always welcome to join us.