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Morning / Evening (Daily) Service (Sutra Chanting):

During morning Service, we chant portions of the Lotus Sutra including Chapter 2, Chapter 12, Chapter 16, Chapter 21, Chapter 25 and the selection for the day. We also chant the Odaimoku (Namu Myoho Renge Kyo). This is a version of the normal daily service practiced by Nichiren Shu practitioners at home. The chapters from the Lotus Sutra are read in the traditional way (Chinese Characters with Japanese pronunciation) called Shindoku. Shindoku is a form of faith reading and is a meditation in itself. It is not necessary to understand academically while chanting in Shindoku as it is a form of meditation practice. Unlike our weekend Morning Service which lasts about 40 min. - 1 hour our weekday morning service is longer. More like an hour to an hour and a half.

Broadcast Service

Some of our services are broadcast for those who can not come to the Temple. (services that are broadcast will have these instructions in the details, description)

These broadcast our done on Google+ by invitation only.

1 You must join Google+ and have a high speed internet connection.

2. Add me (Ryuoh Faulconer) in your circles.

3. Send me a message to be added to the “Temple Broadcast” circle.

We will put out the invitation a few minutes before the scheduled time.

If you are joining Shodaigyo you can download a copy of the Shodaigyo service with this link

Books we use during Morning Service are available from our Temple.