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Hi everyone,

Firstly, thanks to those who submitted ideas for future discussion topics. Feel free to continue sending ideas over! :)

For our June event, I’ve chosen a discussion topic which Michiya suggested (thanks Michiya!)… and since I’m actually mid-career-change at the moment, I found this one particularly relevant to me!

At one of our previous events, one of our members began an interesting tangent about careers, as related to happiness. She suggested that we could achieve happiness through our work, and noted that she felt happy when she helped her clients, and related her job to being “like an artist”, even though she admitted it was overall somewhat boring for her.

There was some back and forth about this, and ultimately the conversation ended up being cut short, but I think it would be nice to revisit this… hopefully with everyone coming in open-minded, please :)

What are your thoughts around work, as related to helping/having compassion toward others, and happiness?

Here are some questions for discussion (Michiya’s as well as some of my own thrown in):

- Even though we work for money/profit, can we still consider our work to be a form of “helping” other people? Or can only those things that we do for others unconditionally (not for money) be considered real help/compassion?

- How about “helping” professions, like public school teachers, public hospital doctors, public defendants and social workers?

- Can we feel happy when we do things for others for the money/profit?

- Is it our nature to want to help others? Is this happiness “genuine” if it benefits us by fulfilling some need within ourselves?

- How can we balance wanting to do work that benefits society with the fact that most of us actually get “stuck” into a more boring role?

- What would you do if your work doesn’t bring any happiness to you and you can’t do a career change either, for whatever reason? Is a job responsible for “bringing” us happiness? 

Look forward to seeing everyone!