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What we’re about

This meetup is for balanced thinkers and preppers who feel that disaster preparedness may not be a bad idea. Somewhere along the way, you have started to think about scenarios where you may have to decide if you should bug-in to the safety of your own home or even go so far as to bug-out away from crowded populations. Perhaps you feel a little nutty for having these types of thoughts. Yet there's just this feeling in your gut that makes you want to be more prepared.

If you are the loner type that wants to do everything on your own, then this may not be the group for you. But if you want to look for like minded people who you may be able to build a (just-in-case) bug-out group with, then perhaps you can find those people here.

One thing I have learned in all my studies. Groups (especially if they share the same values) will always do better than loners.

The main point of the meetups will be about sharing group bug-out concepts. Where should we go? How should we set it up? How can we protect our location? How can we find a way to thrive rather than to simply survive. Do we make group decisions or appoint a counsel? Or any other subjects that come up.

This is about each member allowing natural friendships to grow with no pressure. And from there your particular group can build and grow on its own without having to force anything.

So there you have it! Best of luck.

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