What we're about

Hello there, this group is for people who:

- have been itching to explore an additional source of income
- have a growth mentality
- dream big, have fun, and get stuff done
- care for you and your loved ones' health
- thrive on meeting with people to share and learn professionally
- want to do some professional networking and grow your LinkedIn network meaningfully
- ... And it will be especially relevant if you are or have someone you love, who is dealing with joint / skin / obesity issues


I feel strongly about living life meaningfully and productively, both for myself and others. I've done this in the past 7 years in the HR/Tech corporate world in Singapore, and currently a stay home mom in KL for the rest of the year.

But beyond my friends and family, I also want to be able to give to many causes I feel strongly for, particularly children, poverty, and human trafficking. Yet the cost of living in Singapore with a big family is... let's say... not forgiving. I want to be in a position to give generously without thinking about the downpayment for my home.

So I knew I had to build a business. I was exploring some business ideas, but learning from painful lessons from business-owners in my family, I was looking for something that had a low cost of entry and maintenance, and that did not sell my time (ie enable me to earn not by pure hours put in, but by doing the right activities to drive exponential growth).

I came across an opportunity with a Japanese Network Marketing company called ThanksAi. The first time I heard about it, I had the reaction you probably have now... "Oh no, it's one of those." But what caught my attention to learn more was that:
1) The products are internationally scientifically researched and yet not easily and affordably commercially available
2) The business model is sound, the company ethical, and I respect the people I've met in the business so far.
3) The entry and maintenance cost aren't exorbitant so that passed my worst case scenario checkbox
4) It is so new in the market outside of Japan, we would have the first-mover advantage
5) I can actually do this in addition to my day job, and from any where on earth I move to.


If you've read up till here, you probably are interested in finding out more.

I'm holding 1-1 meet ups on weekday mornings and some weekend afternoons, at any Starbucks that is convenient to both of us.

Agenda? To say howdy, to share more about what the business is about, and you can ask all the questions you want.

Once you join the group, I will reach out to schedule us a time and a place. Feel free to whatsapp me at +65 85950632.

I intend to hold small group hangouts once there is a crital mass acquainted with the business model further down the road!

Below are some links, which gave me a tonne more questions. Feel free to consume all the content and bring your questions!

Company overview video:


Product video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8Yz7o2AwL4

Official website: http://www.thanksai-global.jp/?i=1j10dnig I look forward to seeing you soon :)

Warmest Regards,