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What we’re about

Many of the inventors and engineers started electronics as hobby and later progressed into profession and big business. It takes strong desire to solve an existing problem or improve a process that eventually progresses into useful evolution, and the journey keeps marching into continuous improvement.
I have personally designed many useful products and written codes that help people in many different ways in the area of security, automation, medical, and wireless communication. My personal journey started when I was teen ager and I still find great joy from what I do not only as hobbyist but as professional designer as well. Your journey to the joy of building intelligent machines can start today so let me help you, motivate you, and guide you to the ultimate joy waiting for you to bring your best to our society. You will ultimately start building things, solve real problems, and invent new ways and processes that will make our life better and easier.

You are welcome to discus in this meeting your personal or existing projects and ideas as well we will discuss the following:

1. How to look for ideas and solutions.
2. Identifying the solution that will bring real value.
3. Early prototyping and tinkering – board drawing.
4. Getting started in building your idea.
5. Prototyping vs final product.
6. Testing your new product and validating your new process.
7. Learn how to set profit margins on win-win basis.
8. Continuous improvement and product life cycle.
9. Networking with the right people.
10. Taking care of yourself.

Let’s get together and have good time, socialize, have fun, and learn how to gain knowledge and capitalise on what we learned. Ultimately, we need to learn how to bring value to our society and solve real life problems. See you in the Lower Food Court of Square One near Starbucks coffee shop. Please look around for us in that area if it gets too crowded. We will have a sign on our table saying MNPD, meaning Mississauga New Product Development. Happy new product development to all.

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