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It is a truism that in order to make friends, you have to be a friend. This sounds so simple, but it is a lot more than it sounds. Here is a list of 10 things to help you be a friend:

  1. Enjoy people – Tell yourself, “I'm going to try to enjoy this conversation.” Loosen up.
  2. Express – Don't hide who you are. Tell people the first thing you think about. Let them know your thoughts.
  3. Hear them out – People are sacred. They deserve your full attention and understanding. Take care and take time to hear them out.
  4. Share – Share your food, share your time, share your money (within reason), share your thoughts and ideas. Be willing to receive things other people share, too.
  5. Find commonalities – Chances are you can find something in common with everyone you meet.
  6. Take initiative – Don't wait. Be the person to start a conversation. You have to take the lead sometimes.
  7. Be willing to make mistakes – Not everyone you meet are good people. It's okay to be hurt by people, as long as you survive to tell the tale. Hey, tell it as a war story to the new friend you make!
  8. Be positive – No one wants to talk to someone who is negative all the time. It's okay to be hurt; it's okay to have problems, but do you want your hurts and your problems to define who you are? Be who you want to be, which at least is a positive person.
  9. Take responsibility for people – Take the responsibility to help strangers and acquaintances simply because you know you want to.
  10. Tell them good things you are aware of – If you know of an amazing sale, tell them. If you know of something really fun, tell them. If you know of a really good place, tell them.

In this group, you will meet like-mind people who are looking for self-improvement and personal development. Some of our topics will include:  

* How to be happier 
* How to get over painful experiences 
* How to improve your relationships with people 
* How to enlarge your social circle 
* How to improve your communication 
Take action! Come to our upcoming free Zoom meetings and put the above tips to practice right away!

Remember: In order to make friends, you have to be a friend.

Be a friend.

Let's start!

This group is created by the Elite Support Group which is affiliated with the Dianetics and Scientology Center of Seattle