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Are you a business owner who needs pro advise on taxes and business issues but dont have the time to leave the office? Join us for our weekly sponsor Business ProFinder Consulting and Tax Webinar. Welcome to Atlanticloudtax.com and our complete suite of Accounting and Insurance services. Since 2005 we have been consulting to Individuals and business of all sizes from Top Fortune 1000, CPA Firms, nonprofit organizations, small businesses and professional solo preneurs. We here to outsource your Bookkeeping, Federal & State Income Tax, Sales Tax, CPA, CFO and insurance issues to save you time and money.

Accounting can be a tricky task when starting a brand new business. A lot of new businesses begin without any help from a professional accountant Get a FREE Business Owner Budget and Benefit Plan Review! Email us customerservice@atlanticloudtax.com or call us today @ 1-800-595-4955 to schedule a free 15 min consultation.

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NYC Government Blockchain Association Monthly Chapter Meeting

We are New York City peer community of civil servants, residents, and companies inspired by the potential of blockchain based technologies for government. We gather monthly to learn and collaborate towards a future in which governments in New York and beyond are optimally leveraging blockchain improve government transparency, efficacy, and efficiency. WHY JOIN GOVERNMENT BLOCKCHAIN ASSOCIATION? Government Blockchain Association is dedicated to the robust, ethical and efficient adoption of blockchain based solutions by governmental organizations, globally. (Free Membership for Government Employees) https://www.gbaglobal.org/membership/ Attention! Recently, New York State became the first state in the nation to create a cryptocurrency task force to study how to properly regulate, define and use cryptocurrency. We welcome all interested in learning about Government, Blockchain with a different topic & Presentation every month. This Months Topic & Presentation is how Blockchain & cryptocurrencies pose challenges for law enforcement, defense, and intelligence professionals.

NYC GBA Global.org Chapter Meeting: The Future of Money, Governance, and Law

We will attempt to look decades into the future and ask questions like, if peer-to-peer currencies are adopted in mass, and banks are disintermediated: How will governments monitor economic and illegal activities? How will governments collect taxes? How will nations manage economic policy? How will the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies impact the value of reserve currencies How will the mass adoption of cryptocurrency impact governments ability to manage debt? These are only some of the questions that governments around the world must begin to address. It is possible that a global economic change could sweep the world very quickly. Could government institutions, legal and regulatory frameworks, and systems respond fast enough? What happens if there is a major and sudden paradigm shift in the very nature of money? We need to begin to ask ourselves these questions. And, these questions are not unique to one government or department. Every government entity in the world will be impacted by this issue. We need to address this now.

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