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Hello, current and aspiring business owners! We're a group focused on learning ways to affordably and effectively market our business. We're all about achieving sales momentum — while avoiding the trap of spending money and time on marketing that just doesn't work. We share practical tips so we can all find a way to consistently generate leads for our businesses.

There are no dues to be part of the group. We hold a combination of virtual and in-person events, so you can join even if you live outside the metro area. The group is part of a larger network of groups, sponsored by Jottful. This allows us more regular access to successful business owners who can share the specific strategies and tactics they used to build a growth engine for their business.

In the virtual events (which we aim to hold weekly on Wednesdays), we hear from successful business owners who have achieved sales momentum. We learn about the process they went through to build their growth engine, including: what they tried; succeeded and failed; how long it took; what lessons they learned along the way. It's a great way to get ideas for marketing strategies and tactics you might try in your own business. Bring your notebook so you can jot down ideas!

At the in-person events, you'll have an opportunity to discuss the marketing tactics you're trying with other business owners to get feedback and inspiration. Run some marketing experiments, then share your results with the group!

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Using low-cost "guerilla marketing" to build a million-dollar business

Network event

When Travis Tumalo first launched his steel water-bottle brand, Hydro Flask, he relied on some scrappy tactics (and a lot of well-placed swag!) to get noticed. Seeing results, Travis leaned into this cheap-and-creative guerrilla marketing effort. Ultimately, he built Hydro Flask into a multi-million-dollar brand that he later sold for $210MM.

In this virtual meetup you'll be inspired by Travis's low-cost and fun tactics. And be prepared to jot down ideas you might try in your own business.

Join us for this exciting interview, followed by Q&A with Meetup attendees. Get inspired & leave with practical tips you can use to grow your own business!

Capt. Travis Rosbach founded Hydro Flask, a steel water-bottle business that he eventually sold for $210MM. He's spent the last thirty years honing his entrepreneurial skills at Hydro Flask and other ventures. He advises businesses across a wide range of industries and countries.

Words that sell: finding & using the right language to win new business

Network event

We've all witnessed the magic that happens when a business uses just the right words to describe their customers and the benefits they deliver. But few business owners are gifted copywriters. How can we find the language that will attract prospects and win deals?

In this episode, Monica will teach us how to gather intel from our prospects and customers to identify the specific words and phrases that motivate them. Then she'll help us understand when and how to use these words to turn acquaintances and website visitors into leads — and leads into customers.

Join us for this exciting interview, followed by Q&A with Meetup attendees. Get inspired & leave with practical tips you can use to grow your own business!

Monica is a marketing consultant turned copywriter and copy coach. She specializes in sales copywriting for online course creators who want to produce copy that speaks to their ideal customer. She's also a mom with an insatiable curiosity for paper art, psychology, and all things marketing.

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How to build & market to social media audiences

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