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Enterprise Digital Twin: The Core Business

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The idea of an enterprise digital twin is simple: provide a real-time overview of all important things going on in your enterprise, as a basis for making better decisions about how to manage it now and develop it in the future.

Once we have such a digital representation of our enterprise, we can augment our human decision-making using AI.

We at transentis have set ourselves the goal to build such a digital twin of our own enterprise.

This meetup is the second meetup in a meetup series that documents this journey.

Today's meetup will focus on building a digital twin of our core business, delivering professional services.

You can find information about previous meetups on our meetup homepage.

Note: this is a “deep dive” meetup - we will not only illustrate some key principles of modeling and simulating enterprises but we will also demonstrate the enterprise digital twin and take a look at some code.

The current code for the Enterprise Digital Twin can be found in our GitHub repo.

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