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Solid C++ by Example

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Olve M.
Solid C++ by Example


Sometimes you see code that is perfectly OK according to the definition of the language but which is flawed because it breaks to many established idioms and conventions of the language. This will be an interactive session with discussions about good vs bad C++ code. We will discuss simple C++ idioms and coding conventions, but we will also touch upon best practices when working with C++ in large codebases with lots of developers with mixed skills.

This particular meeting is part of a bigger event, CIA 2010 organized by Cantara (https://wiki.cantara.n... ( ). Together with 7 other communities we will organize our meeting at the same time, at the same place, so we can mingle together and have interesting discussions before and after the meetings. Is it a long time since you had a beer with a Perl programmer? Do you know Scala? Well, this is a great chance to update yourself! Hope to see a lot of people here, please invite all the C++ programmers you know to this event! Since we are at the Radisson Blue hotel we should have plenty of space.

Holbergsgate 30 · Oslo
11 spots left