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We believe that as our reliance on technology grows, so too does the need for security and privacy.

We choreograph public and private events to facilitate trusted dialog and joint exploration among existing and aspiring cybersecurity practitioners as well as community stakeholders that believe security is a priority.

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Defcon 813 presents Final Fridays

The Undercroft

Announcing Final Fridays! X-Post From DC813 - Please register here: http://meetu.ps/e/GNjLD/z9cJ1/f New monthly social occurring the last Friday of the Month, we'll begin with a talk, social hour, then go out for drinks nearby afterwards. For our first talk, and as we approach hurricane season, Joe will be delivering a presentation on emergency preparedness! Please join us for the talk and socialization thereafter, hope to see you there! Abstract: With hurricane season fast approaching, it might be a good idea to chat about disaster preparedness but from a borderline prepper/hacker point of view! Having lived through a few hurricanes and doing corporate disaster recovery engagements, I will go through what works and what didn't and we can toss in a few other unfortunately real apocalyptic scenarios that we should start to prepare for.

CTF Cyber Range Event - No cost to play but you must register

X-Post From DC813 - Please register here: http://meetu.ps/e/GJfDv/z9cJ1/f Registration Link: https://web.securityinnovation.com/owasp-tampa2019 Security Innovation is proud to partner with OWASP Tampa to offer attendees a fun "find the vulnerabilities" game that shows how hackers break into websites and teaches the importance of secure coding habits. The game features CMD+CTRL ShadowBank, a web application cyber range where players compete to find vulnerabilities, score points, and move up the leaderboard. Leveraging cheat sheets, attack tables, and expert led training sessions, players can create fake accounts, transfer funds, buy and sell stocks, and other nefarious acts. Just bring your computer and evil inner-doer and you are ready to roll! Venue is The Undercroft in Ybor City!!

Pirates vs Ninjas

The Undercroft

X-Post From DC813: http://meetu.ps/e/DcY8Q/z9cJ1/f Spend the day working on CTF challenges or LAN gaming, get your ass kicked at one and switch to the other, or dominate at both! Are you interested in CTF's, BootNroot , or forensic challenges? Do you play TF2, Overwatch, Wildlands, Quake, UT, Starcraft or other PC games? Well lets bring our boxes down and have a good time. Gauging interest in the event and looking for suggestions at this time!

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Open House ~ Secrets of the Undercroft

El Pasaje, Cherokee Club

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