Soton Cafe Sci: "Pigeon Post to Hologram Phones: Future of Wireless Technology"

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Basingstoke Cafe Sci subscribers are invited to the Southampton Cafe Sci talk at the Community Centre in St Denys in Southampton. The talk is being given by Katla Satyanarayana from Southampton University and is titled "From Pigeon Post to Hologram Phone Calls: The Future of Wireless Technology".

Wireless communication has evolved from pigeon-post to paging, voice calls, text messages, video calls – and now Internet everywhere. It has become the ubiquitous means of socializing, doing business and of entertainment. There are around 5 billion mobile phones in use through which we transmit around 60 terabytes of data every month. And yet, this is just the beginning – the future is even more exciting as we are moving from the internet-of-things to holographic video calls, which can conjure up the image of a person right in the room when we talk to them.

However, one of the key issues of this technology, is whether we have the capacity to accommodate all these users at a high quality-of-service. An obvious solution to circumvent this problem is to increase the bandwidth used. But we only have a limited bandwidth. In this talk, I shall shed light on how to address this problem.

Note: There is a strict policy of no drinks to be brought over from the pub to the community centre. There is level access with no steps. 200 metres from the Adelaide Rd side of St Denys railway station. Previous use of this hall finishes at 20:00 with 15 minutes grace, so the earliest expected start to the science cafe talks would be 20:20. Therefore no point in arriving here before 20:00 , but the foyer would be open , should it be raining.

For the first talk there will be a charge of 2 pounds per person to cover room hire, this may change in later months, dependent on the numbers of people turning up. With this room-hire structure there is no commercial element in requiring a break, so Q&A will follow immediately after the talk and so the end of the full session should not be much later than the previous structure.

The only noise in that venue on Tuesday nights is from a chess club. For any note takers, please bring a small torch with you as the lighting will be all high power fluorescent (prior to talk) and next to nothing (during talk), except spill-over from the projector, light from the foyer and a couple of other low level light sources, assuming the usual problem with fluorescent lamp "dimming", in practise.

The format of the evening is usually a talk of 30 to 40 minutes, followed immediately by questions and discussions about the talk. Entry is £2.00 on the door and is open to everyone.

Cafe Scientifique is a place where, for the price of a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, anyone can come to explore and debate the latest ideas in science and technology.

Hosted by: Nigel Cooke, Southampton Cafe Scientifique Organiser

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