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Praveen Paritosh - AI ventures need more scientific due diligence

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Speaker: Praveen Paritosh senior research scientist at Google

Title: "AI ventures need more scientific due diligence or Winter is coming"

Disclaimer: The talk will consist entirely of Praveen's personal opinions, and nowhere in the talk would he be representing or speaking on behalf of his employer.

Dear all, please welcome our next guest speaker Praveen Paritosh leading research in the areas of human and machine intelligence. Among the other things, he designed the large-scale human curation systems for Freebase and the Google Knowledge Graph.

Praveen will talk about the risks of Artificial Intelligence hype for the sustainability of the Artificial Intelligence ecosystem itself. At CAIM we are painfully aware of these issues, and are very excited to start a conversation about them.

We know this is a bit last minute, but Praveen is traveling from the West coast and it's a unique opportunity to have him talk, so please make sure to spread the word :) Thanks!

Abstract: Successful businesses rely on successful products which rely on robust technology which ultimately relies on rigorous science. Due to the recent excitement in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and related areas, there is increasing startup and business investment in these scientific areas. These areas have been investigated for decades, and are chock full of hard and novel scientific questions. However, our current measures of valuing the potential of such efforts are primarily guided by traditional models of due diligence which focus on business, product, and talent. This is insufficient for the core scientific problems, which are best evaluated using public peer review process of the claims, not by claims made in “stealth mode.” We need to invest more in shared benchmarks and datasets. We need to involve scientists, linguists, psychologists, social scientists, and bring in rigorous methodologies for measuring and evaluating progress transparently. We need to ensure that results and claims are replicable. We need to insist on publicly available demonstrations, and publications in rigorously reviewed venues for claims of scientific merit, so we can make progress standing on shoulders of giants. Sloppiness in the scientific due diligence will result in exaggerated claims and misguided investments, which could hasten the third AI winter.

Bio: Praveen Paritosh is a a senior research scientist at Google leading research in the areas of human and machine intelligence. He designed the large-scale human curation systems for Freebase and the Google Knowledge Graph. He was the co-organizer and chair for the Crowdcamp 2016, SIGIR WebQA 2015 workshop, the Crowdsourcing at Scale 2013, the shared task challenge at HCOMP 2013, and Connecting Online Learning and Work at HCOMP 2014, CSCW 2015, and CHI 2016 toward the goal of galvanizing research at the intersection of crowdsourcing, natural language understanding, knowledge representation, and rigorous evaluations for artificial intelligence.

*Apple maps users ATTENTION: please note that the venue is on 6th ave between 18th and 19th St.*