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Hey everyone! If you've joined our group, Calabasas Tech, then thank you for connecting with me and the rest of the community!

I started this group to meet other tech enthusiasts, discuss current trends, projects and challenges... and see how we can help each other develop and grow our projects. Looking forward to exploring the different tech opportunities with everybody. What do you want a group like this to discuss and accomplish?

Since launching this group last week (first week of October 2019), we have almost 50 members who have joined. We're growing quickly! To make sure we're really creating a community, I'm connecting with everyone individually via the Meetup messages, to find out what people would like to see this group discuss and accomplish.

You can connect with me via phone by clicking www.calendly.com/davidbramante and scheduling a call with me. If you're not use to call scheduling, then scheduling a call can feel a little impersonal and maybe even a little annoying... I totally get it. But it's very easy to pick a mutually convenient time for both of us, then I can call you and chat about your goals at that time. Give it a try and let's connect on the phone!

I have worked on several tech projects, based out of Santa Monica, Venice and of course the Bay Area... but there is a tremendous amount of tech experience and knowledge here in Calabasas and the surrounding area, and I want to make those connections. I really want to make this is a group for anyone interested in technology startups in the immediate area.

So if you've joined, it's cool if you're interested in tech with no experience, but it's awesome if you're very experienced in tech and running active projects already. My main goal is to create new connections in the area, connecting people and their projects with others that might be interested and/or help in some way.

For those of us who've joined our group and are involved in tech already, well, all skill levels are welcome, whether you're a CEO, CTO, CMO, or have an idea or investment.

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Calabasas Tech - October Meetup

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October Meetup

Erewhon Market

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