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Come and join the BEST Chihuahua Playgroup around! Come and meet with other Chihuahuas and their Chihuahua-loving owners. All Chihuahuas are WELCOME: small & large, long coat & short, as well as Chihuahua mixes. We also welcome other toy/small breed Chihuahua-friendly dogs, however organizer approval is required. All new members will receive a welcome and/or acceptance email within twenty-four (24) hours of submitting your application.

As much as we like to have fun events (and we do), the #1 Goal at the Calgary Chihuahua Playgroup is to socialize our dogs! You will be amazed at how much these playgroups can help a shy, aggressive or a little-bit spoiled Chihuahua.

Other reasons for attending the playgroups include:

- meeting other people who LOVE Chihuahuas

- learning more about the breed and being able to ask other Chihuahua owners questions

- finding referrals for legitimate Chihuahua breeders, recommendations for dog rescue organizations, dog-trainers and veterinarians

The Chihuahua Playgroup is a lot of fun. Socializing your dog is an important step in being a responsible dog owner. We offer a safe and friendly environment to do it in.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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February 2019 Chihuahua Paw-ty

Southwood Community Centre

Please join us for the February 2019 Chihuahua Playgroup on Sunday, February 24th, from 3:00 to 5:00PM! What do you need to know? - The cost is $5/per dog family - Nail trims will be provided for $5/per dog -Access to the hall is through the door just west of the main front doors and up the stairs - 2nd Floor - We will provide paper towel and cleaning spray for any accidents or messes that may happen. Please clean up after your pups! - Always know where your dog is! - Please ask before giving any dog treats. Some dogs have allergies, and it's better to be safe than sorry. Always check with the dog's owner. We are looking forward to seeing everyone and their dogs! Jessica

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January 2019 Chihuahua Paw-ty

Southwood Community Centre

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