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Networking for More Results & Profits - "How to" Marketing Plan Strategies

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Networking for More Results & Profits

Attention….Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Professionals:

Generate More Leads, profits & Results by attending our Sales & Marketing Bootcamp: This month’s Educational Topic is “Networking for Results & Profits”.

The Perfect Contact Will Completely Transform Your Business Life!

We will show you multiple way to find that special client or business contact to transform your profits forever …

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You've searched for that special client or that special business contact to forever transform your profits then this could be the most important event you’ll attend in 2018. Here's the reasoning...

With over a decade’s experience helping business people and professionals connect, we know that networking can completely revolutionize your business, in fact it’s one of the top activities a business owner can use out of over 40 + Lead Generating strategies in a marketing plan. We want to show you how you can become part of a “referral”

-generating, profit-multiplying power team, This event only happens once a year so be sure to attend!

You Can Have a Team of Business Professionals Eagerly Co-operating
to Send You a Flood of Highly Qualified Prospects...

And these prospects will already be predisposed to doing business with you because they’ve been recommended to you by someone they trust – another member of our group.

Being Part of Our Monthly Special Events
Will Transform Your Business Profits!

Here’s what we’ll cover at our “happens only once a year” event.

- Power & value of strong business & personal networks
- Strategies & techniques to grow your own networks
- Establish a Success Circle that will support your growth
- How solving Problems will help you capture opportunities
- How to Leverage Networking in your Ongoing Marketing Plan
- Where to focus when it comes to building your network
- Where to network specifically for your business
- When to network for creating a lifestyle business
- How to Tips and Strategies to Maximize your Efforts
- The top 10 ways to work a room
- The 10 ways to build a Business Network
- 10 ways to Manage Phone Conversations
- Establishing your own Referral Success Circle

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If you would like to generate more business; Learn how to build your business through Complementary Industries, Strategic Alliances and have Dynamic Business Growth Then you’ll want to attend this special event.

At the event you’ll receive the following “Apply it Now” Business Networking Success Principles.

-Networking before and after the event
-Round Table where each business owner has a chance to Share their 45 second networking and Elevator pitch.
-Education you can actually use!
-Networking at the end of the event.

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Your Growth and Profits Can Explode!”
Learn how Networking, Marketing, Strategic Alliance and Joint Venture experts can help you multiply your business profits and find solutions fast.
Pick-The-Brains’ of the Sharpest Trainers, Speakers and Coaches that will
improve your business skills

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Just attended Marketing Bootcamp…honestly most informative 3 hours I’ve spent focusing on my business. My Brain is on fine now and I cannot wait to start implementing all this new and useful info! Thank You!
Paula Helga Born.

CMT has great Ideas for Marketing and thus business growth. They not only share the ideas, they also show how to implement and then you can go and do it yourself! The Canadian Marketing Team is great to work with to build your business. Dr. D. Tap Into Genius

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The Canadian Marketing Team

P.S. Did we mention we pay for lunch...First Timers Only